Product Spotlight: Writing Instruments

What a cost effective bonanza promotional pens offer advertisers! These low cost items are easily portable thus making the spreading of your company’s name and services easier than ever. How many times have you absent-mindedly carried a pen away from one place to another, only to realize too late that it wasn’t yours? And how did you discover that bit of information? By looking at what is written on the pen to see if you recognize it as your own. Voila! Instant inexpensive, portable advertising!

Promotional pens also hold the advantage over other promotional items by the sheer necessity of having one handy at a moment’s notice on a daily basis. Countless times a day people are looking for something to write with. Grocery stores, banks, restaurants, bill paying – all of these daily activities involve searching purses, pockets, kitchen drawers and car consoles for a pen. Using these handy little utensils is as much a part of our lives and daily routines as eating breakfast!

Besides being a low cost means to get the word spread about your business, using promotional printed promotional pens for advertising also provides other advantages:

1. Writing is a daily occurrence in most everyone’s life. Granted, a majority of writing is done at a keyboard these days, but we aren’t always glued to our computers and need pens to help us communicate while we’re away from our desks. Reaching for a pen is a handy way to get your business’s name noticed.

2. Promotional pens are an easy item to hand out at events, trade shows or festivals. They pack easily and take up little space to transport and are always welcomed as a useful freebies or giveways.

3. For people looking for a little more flash with their pens, customers can request ornamental enhancements to put their promotional pens a cut or two above the norm. Fancy erasers (on pencils) can be added. Some pens come equipped with flashing lights or glittery finishes. The sky is the limit as far as being creative with what you would like to order. Just keep in mind that these "extras" will also cost you more.

Often times when a business or marketing promoter is faced with the decision of how to get more bang for their buck with advertising and would also like to keep their financial output low, the idea of using pens embossed with the company name or logo is an answer to their prayer. Low cost, high visibility, used daily in the lives of potential customers, easily transported and handy to give out, promotional pens can be a budget conscious business person’s best friend.

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