Product Spotlight: BAGS

These days, a buck can’t buy much. Or can it?

Data collected from various sources including a newspaper, the Nielsen company, and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America reveal that your marketing dollar goes MUCH farther than you’d think. For example, for each dollar invested, your imprinted tote bag is receiving 1,000 brand impressions! Billboards and writing instruments are tied at half that with 500 brand impressions per dollar while custom calendars, engraved glassware, and personalized shirts round out the top five.

Infographics make this information even more dramatic when you compare the size of a marketing dollar spent on tote bags to, say, national magazines (only 22) and radio spots (a mere 17!).

Bubba will show you how many brand impressions one marketing dollar can get your company with the following infographic:

Holy cow – you can get a thousand brand impressions from one dollar invested into custom bags? Brand impressions are great, and it’s cool if you see an imprinted pen or a custom hat, but that’s only in passing, right? You don’t wear an embroidered hat every day, and maybe your job is away from an office where you use pens. The real question is: how many promotional products do people actually own?

Wow, that’s a lot! I can’t imagine having so many promotional products around me. Well, my toothbrush does have my dentist’s name on it, and the personalized pen I was writing with earlier has the name of my bank and the customized nail file I was just using has the name of my hair salon… I guess it does add up!

That’s great if people have promotional products lying around their house, but you want them out and about! Promotional products don’t reach a wide audience if they’re used maybe once a day or stay inside someone’s home. Customized bags give 36 brand impressions every single day. That’s once EVERY FORTY MINTUTES! Personalized caps and custom writing instruments like imprinted pens are no slouches either, each gathering a quick 15 impressions daily. So how many brand impressions does each product see each day?

Are any of these figures surprising to you? What promotional product do you notice the most often when you’re out and about in the world? Which promotional products do you think have the hardest time reaching a wide audience? Let me know your thoughts.

Until next time, keep expanding your brand!